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Over and beyond the defunct 20 years, intracavernous phalloprosthetics has gained the greatest perception justified to a more physiological fashion of achieving imitation of an erection, ensuring anatomical area and stable medium stiffness in the interest interaction, and also due to a contract in the chance of rejection of grafts located serious in the tissues!

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Extracavernous phalloprosthetics can be performed in different ways. The prosthesis is inserted subcutaneously or subfascial along the dorsal or lateral integument of the penis. From time to time the prosthesis is placed between the corpora cavernosa. Extracavernous phalloprosthetics is not widespread adequately suitable to technically difficult dissection of the intercavernous septum, which can direction to damage to the cavernous bodies.

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Enough to the fact that inadequacy is considered an endmost scale of erectile dysfunction, surgical methods are of great importance in the treatment of this ailment. The most prevalent ones are: operations on vessels and cavernous bodies - performed in case of a violation of the outflow of blood to the penis, performed beside an angiosurgeon and consists in replacing the abdominal aorta with an alloplastic vascular graft; implantation of penile prostheses (phalloplasty) - subdivided into extracavernous, intracavernous (complete and biased), combined.

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These changes cannot function undiscovered either in everyday pungency or at work. A actually has tensions with colleagues at chef-d'oeuvre, unsurpassed to complex differ situations that can lead to dismissal.

All this lowers a chain's self-centredness, leads to neurotization of the celebrity and even steven to psychopathization (neuroses, dimple, moronic aggressiveness, exacerbation of schizophrenia).